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Mind the Gap

A climate action and sustainability model for organisations and communities. 



Mind the Gap is a climate action and sustainability model that aims at closing the gap between words and actions. It is a climate action and sustainability model for organisations and communities,where we identify and understand the gaps in their knowledge and deliver customised engagements to demystify climate change and sustainability concepts.

Earth talks encourages conversations & thought-provoking discussions to highlight impactful stories and real-life examples of action.


Mind the Gap Programme Outline

The content, duration, and number of sessions is customised according to your organisation's needs and interests.

The standard Mind the Gap model offers a series of sessions that will broadly cover the topics given: 

The science behind climate change

Bio-diversity and business

Impacts of consumerism

Water security in urban landscapes

Sustainability in food systems

Moving towards green business strategy

The climate crisis is real, here and urgent.

Mind the Gap in the move towards a sustainable future by:

Encouraging climate action at systemic and individual levels

Providing guidance on business sustainability and the switch to a green office space

Facilitating knowledge-building on environment climate change and sustainability topics 


Be a sustainability leader

A business that is equipped to adapt to a greener future

Carbon neutrality

Transformed policies and processes, reducing environmental impact while minimising costs

Improved reputation

Increased respectively and goodwill among stakeholders, thereby building a positive image

Climate consciousness

Employees working to decrease carbon footprint and advocating for action

Let's get cracking. There is no PLANet B.


Leave your                          and we'll get in touch to discuss a model that works best for you.

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