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Making climate education accessible and practically applicable in the real world  

Our programmes

With the goal of creating leaders in climate action, from children to citizen groups, we offer a variety of action-oriented modules which are tailored to best suit the needs of the community.


The Green Warriors model seeks to appeal to the innate curiosity, fascination and keen

willingness to learn that every child and youth has. This programme is dedicated to building a generation of youth that…

Understand the natural world

and their relationship with it.

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Learn to question
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existing world systems and devise their own solutions for change.


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Form unique and science based perspectives

on the climate, ecological and food crisis.

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Mind the Gap programme aims to close the gap between our words and actions. This is a climate action and sustainability model for organisations and communities. We work with individuals and organisations to best understand the gaps in their knowledge and deliver customised engagements to demystify climate change and sustainability concepts.

 We also hold community building spaces for people to learn together and support each other through:

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Earth talks:

engaging conversations and thought-provoking discussions to throw light on impactful stories and real-life examples of action.

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Listening circles:

a curated safe space to cope with eco-anxiety, facilitated by a counselling psychologist.


Taking effective action against the raging climate crisis requires an understanding of the intricacies of the problem, including resource management, ecological knowledge, social and climate justice issues, cultural influences and so on. Holistic and intersectional environmental and climate education is key to addressing climate change in the long term.  

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TCI was created to tackle this lack of knowledge and action in relation to the climate and environmental crises. Our mission is to equip communities of youth and citizens to take effective climate action through:

  • Education focusing on locally relevant contexts;

  • Guidance mentorship to take effective environmental action;

  • Broadening perspectives on social and environmental issues;

Thereby creating systemic change for an equitable and climate-just future.

Looking to partner with us?

If you are a someone looking to get involved in the climate movement or would like to know more about our work, leave your contact details below and we will get back to you..

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