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The TCI team has been informally involved in the climate education space since 2017, when Heeta recognised a lack of well-rounded awareness about climate change among kids and launched the Green Warriors programme. The Mind the Gap programme followed suit a few years later with the aim to enable businesses and their teams to inculcate climate-consciousness in their functions, and bridge the problematic gap between knowledge and action.


Saint Anne's High School

In 2018 TCI conducted several interactive sessions in January and August, with 100 students of grades 3 and 4 and 160 students of grades 8 and 9. Students were introduced to the basic concept of climate science and impact relevant to their surroundings and guided on actionable steps to mitigate the crisis. Music and theatre were actively using media to convey knowledge in a fun, engaging way that also made a lasting impression


Rotary Club Mulund Hills

On Feb 18, 2022, TCI engaged the members of Rotary Club of Mulund Hills, Mumbai in a lively discussions on the relationship between climate change and people. The session sought to understand global climate processes, the role India plays and our individual responsibilities in mitigating the crisis. TCI activities were very well received and there was an appetite for engagement.


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