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        Green Warriors

An innovative environmental education and climate action model for students. The programme took its first steps in 2017, with an aim to motivate children to become change makers.  Today, it has evolved into a full-fledged climate education and action model.

What makes Green Warriors ideal to inspire climate action among students?

It aims to equip children to take climate action through well-rounded modules on a wide host of environmental subjects customized to the interest of students.

Programme Outline

 The content, duration and number of sessions of the GW programme is customized according to the interests of the students. The standard programme offers a series of sessions that will cover the following topics:

How does climate change work?

What do we need to know about our water systems?

Why is biodiversity important?

How does food influence climate change?

What does consumerism do to the planet?

How do we turn all this knowledge into action?

How does mentorship work?

Our modules include mentorship to ensure that knowledge is turned into action, in the form of workshops that will be tailored to fit the desires of the students. These will broadly include:

  • Training on effective advocacy and messaging to address issues of their interest.

  • Guidance on ideation, development and execution of campaigns for environmental conservation.

  • Drafting and putting into action an environmental/green policy for the school.


Make a connection.

Describe one of your Connect the dots between varied environmental and social issues to form a “bigger picture” of what is contributing to climate change.

Turn knowledge into action.

Undertake projects for climate change mitigation at the household, institution, and community levels.

Advocate for change.

Understand environmental advocacy and carry out effective actions.

        Mind the Gap

A  climate action and sustainability model for organizations and communities

What makes Mind the Gap ideal for building climate-consciousness among citizens?

The Mind the Gap program aims to close the gap between our words and actions. 


TCI believes climate change impacts need to be proactively mitigated by not just nonprofits and governments, but also by citizen groups and the way they are led. The programme was formulated to help build climate-resilient communities and equip modern organisations with the information they need to plan effective green strategies. Through Mind the Gap, we offer guidance towards well-informed corporate decisions in the light of the climate crisis. 

Programme Outline

The content, duration and number of sessions is customised according your organisation’s needs and interests. The standard Mind the Gap model offers a series of sessions that will broadly cover the topics below:

The science behind climate change

Water security in urban landscapes

Biodiversity and business

Sustainability in food systems

Impacts of consumerism

Moving towards green business strategy

The climate crisis is real, here and urgent.

Mind the Gap in the move towards a sustainable future by:


  • Facilitating knowledge-building on environment, climate change and sustainability topics.

  • Encouraging climate action at systemic and individual levels.

  • Providing guidance on business sustainability and the switch to a green office space.


Be a sustainability leader

A business that is equipped to adapt to a greener future.

Climate consciousness

Employees working to decrease carbon footprint and advocating for action.

Carbon neutrality

Transformed policies and processes, reducing environmental impact while minimising costs.

Improved reputation

Increased respectability and goodwill among stakeholders, thereby building a positive image.

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