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Green Warriors

The programme took its first steps in 2017, with an aim to motivate children to become climate change makers. Today, it has evolved onto a full-fledged climate education and action model.

The Green Warriors programme focuses on building a generation of curious and passionate youth who:

Form unique science-based perspectives

Learn to question existing world systems

Devise their own solutions for change

Understand the natural world and their relationship with it

Our work in 2023:


Odisha Conference of Youth

TCI was a partner at the Odisha Conference of Youth (OCOY), Odisha's first Vegan Youth Climate Conference held from 9th to 11th August 2023 at AIC-NITF Bhubaneswar. The event brought together and empowered 150+ young individuals from the state to address climate change.

TCI conducted a session on understanding climate change and our Founder, Heeta Lakhani was on a panel discussing the various UN and Government processes on climate change & how youth can get involved.

OCOY was led by Youth4Water Plus along with others such as:

Animal Climate and Health Save Foundation


 Plant based Treaty

 Ministry of Environment

UN India

Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC)



Animal Save India


Sattvic Soul Foundation

Youth for Sustainability




 Odisha Live



The final outcomes of the OCOY were presented to esteemed Members of Parliament from Odisha.



Lohum Sustainability Superheroes Summer Camp 

In May and June 2023, two team members from TCI conducted a 10-day summer camp focussed on sustainable development, with 14 students (ages 10 to 15) from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, in Greater Noida.

The camp was organised and managed by Lohum Cleantech Pvt. Ltd. — a Li-ion battery recycling company based in Greater Noida.

Five of the 14 students came from private schools in Noida and the remaining students were Afghan refugees affiliated with BOSCO Delhi.

The summer camp followed a mix of seminar- and workshop-style sessions along with game-based learning.

Given the difference in age and education among the students, our team devised unique games & activities for each topic in order to help the students better grasp the concepts and promote critical thinking.

In addition to this, the students also gained hands-on learning on waste recycling and composting, water quality parameters and analysis, and battery recycling and repurposing.

The summer camp turned out to be a smashing success where all the kids took back learnings about sustainable development and a commitment to become changemakers in their schools and communities, in addition to thoroughly enjoying themselves (it was after all a summer camp!) and making new friends.


FXB India Suraksha, Manipur 

In April 2023, the TCI team engaged with more than 550 students and community members in the town of Ukhrul and surrounding villages in Manipur, India through:


A Climate Education Bootcamp for school students.


Formal and informal discussions with community leaders.

As part of the Climate Education Bootcamp, we conducted a four-day intersectional climate change education programme with about 400 students from eight schools and two children shelters in and around Ukhrul, Manipur.


The programme was made contextual to the local conditions and concerns, focussing on on-ground issues related to climate change impacts, biodiversity and ecosystem loss and waste management.


Furthermore, we guided the students to undertake environmental projects within their schools and trained resource persons from FXB India Suraksha’s Ukhrul office (our partner organisation) to provide continued support and mentorship for the students. 


Additionally, TCI had a dialogue with villagers and community leaders from two villages near Ukhrul.


This included a climate change awareness session and discussion with over 100 villagers from Halang Aze, followed by a meeting with 20 members from the Village Development Council at Halang Ato.


Both discussions focused on the experiences of climate change impacts and environmental degradation in the region and possible action that can be undertaken at the village level. 


For next steps, TCI planned to expand the Climate Education Bootcamp to more schools in Ukhrul and also conduct teacher training and create a network of local socio-environmental organisations that can support and engage with students for continued climate action. This is currently on hold due to the conflict in the state.

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