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Earth needs all hands on deck.

The planet needs real, effective action today, and not just pledges for tomorrow. We’re currently living in the most crucial decade for humanity and the planet, and how we act now will make or break the future.

The ClimAct Initiative was born out of the urgency felt in the fight against the worsening climate emergency. TCI firmly believes that fighting the ecological and climate crises requires each of us to act in solidarity. We envision children and youth as leaders and agents of change, challenging existing norms and systems and compelling those in power to prioritise the well-being of the planet.

Our Vision/ Mission


To build a community of responsible citizens who are proactive for a climate-secure future.


To equip communities of youth and citizens to take effective climate action through

  • Education focusing on locally relevant contexts;

  • Guidance & mentorship to take effective environmental action;

  • Broadening perspectives on social and environmental issues;

Thereby creating systemic change for an equitable and climate-just future.

“Change is the end result of all true learning.”

                                                                                            — Leo Buscaglia

Meet The Team

Would you like to collaborate with us as a knowledge partner? Or perhaps volunteer your time and expertise in furthering our cause?
Email us at

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